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Part of the Labour College Movement

You must have got here by accident. This site is presently not developted for public availability; but may later be developed for the re-establishment of a Labour College Movement. The original Labour College started in 1908 when a group of working-class students went on strike at Ruskin College, Oxford, formed the Plebs League and their own Central Labour College in 1909 - and from which came most of the great Labour leaders and later the first Labour Ministers.

So successful was the College, the Plebs League and printed magazine, in developing Independent Working Class Education, and in getting support from Trade Unions and Co-ops, that by 1922 the organisation widened into the growth of local Colleges in towns and villages throughout the country - via the establishment of the NCLC (National Council of Labour Colleges). Such local "colleges" were not buildings, but groups of Trade Union, Labour and Co-operative members interested in gaining knowledge and understanding of social and political affairs.

The NCLC continued until 1964 when, on retirement, Jim Millar, handed most of it over to the TUC - which meant its end, and the end of workers' education. Never was the lack of such an independent worker's educational movement more evident than today.

If the author ever lives long enough, this site will be the organising-base for those interested in re-instituting Plebs and workers education. Those interested can

Latin, PLEBS (= (people], general body of Roman citizens, as distinct from the PATRICIAN class. They lacked, at first, most of the patrician rights, but gradually achieved political equality by 300 B.C. )



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